Apex legends

Rules and Information

All competitors will abide by the following rules and guidelines. Violations to the general rules will result in automatic disqualification.

-General Rules-

No cheating in game in any form to include, but not limited to the use of hacks and exploits.

No use of controller mods to include, but not limited to rapid fire and aim abuse.


Game: Apex Legends

Platform: PC/PS4/XB1

Region: All

Online Battle Royale

2 hour time limit

-Match scoring-

Wins (1st Place)= 8 points

2nd/3rd Place= 4 points

Total kills= 1 point per


Teams will consist of 3 players.

Solo/Duos are permitted, but the random player’s points will not count.

Players must be on the same team in game.

One player will be the point of contact (POC) of the team and also be responsible for streaming and gameplay submission.

POCs will email the Team Name, gamertags, platform, and country of origin to Tournaments@redpltgaming.com

Gamertags must match for points to count.

POCs will have 24hrs prior to the start of each event to make changes.

-Scoring submission and verification-

Gameplay will be streamed at all times.

Gameplay will be submitted as VODs from a streaming platform like Twitch or Mixer.

Streams will be titled like the examples below.

Team Name/OFF/PS4 NA

Links to the stream will be posted to our discord in the channel for the specific event.


After the time limit expires POCs will post the VOD link to the specific channel. Post like the example.

Team name/gamesplayed10/wins8/placement2/kills200/ link.

POCs will have two hours after the event to submit their VODs.

Results will be posted within 48 hours after each event. When we review the VODs time will start after each player selects their Legend and ends at two hours.

-Special circumstances-

Lag, disconnections, or any other game related issue will not be grounds for additional time, the time limit is set.

When the streamer disconnects the match scores up to that point will count, after will not and scoring will begin once reconnected.

Tie breakers will be decided by higher damage dealt.

***How to enter***

POCs will email required info to tournaments@redpltgaming.com

-Tournament Timezone Start Times-

The tournament uses UTC -8.

Start Time One:

10am PST/1000

(UTC-1 thru -8)(UTC thru +2)

Start Time Two:


(UTC-9 thru-11)(UTC+12 thru +14)

Start Time Three:


(UTC+3 thru +11)

Use the link below for time zones.


Tournament Prizes

-Platform Heats-

1st Place: $100.00

2nd Place: $50.00

3rd Place: $25.00

Top 10 from each Advance.


1st Place: $300.00

2nd Place: $150.00

3rd Place: $50.00



Modern Warfare Multiplayer

Rules and Information

Rules and Details to follow.

Tournament Prizes

To be announced.