Our history and legacy

1st Platoon (Red), C Troop, 4th Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment

Red Platoon did not begin as a gaming organization. Red Platoon‘s roots and beginnings were formed in the US Army. Between 2003-2010 the founders of RPG enlisted in the US Army and volunteered to be Cavalry Scouts (19D). Cavalry Scouts are the commanders eyes and ears of the battlefield; who specializes in Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition (RSTA). A Combat unit tasked to advance forward past friendly forces and infiltrate deep into enemy lines. Parts of that task was to analyze terrain, develop routes for other elements to advance, to identify, engage and destroy the enemy.

In 2010 is where the three founding members met. All assigned to 1st Platoon (Red), C Troop (Crazyhorse), 4th Squadron (Darkhorse), 9th Cavalry Regiment (Buffalo Soldiers). It was during this time the founders became very close through the hardships of training and war; all serving together in Iraq during Operation New Dawn. At the end of their military careers the founding members had a total of 37 years combined active duty service and 9 combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, the longest tour lasting 15 months.

Medals/Awards/Badges/Decorations of Note: Purple Heart Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Army Commendation Medal w/ Valor, Army Commendation Medals, Army Achievement Medals, Army Good Conduct Medals, Presidential Unit Citations, Combat Action Badges , Drill Sergeant Identification Badge, Pathfinder Badge, Basic Parachutist Badges, Iraqi Campaign Medals, Afghanistan Campaign Medals and 12 Overseas Service Ribbons.

Gaming has always been a part of the founders lives; from early childhood into adulthood. Call of Duty and Mortal Kombat were the games of choice for the founders, testing each other’s skills before, during, and after their deployments together. The formation of a gaming organization started when Power and NAPtivity joined another esports team and later decided it would be best to venture on their own. With the help of Gift, Killa, Nxrthrn, DShadow, Zyptie, Killbox, Fox, and Scooby; Red Platoon began to come together and became what it is today.

The name Red Platoon holds special meaning and honor. The name embodies camaraderie, family, professionalism, respect, and brother hood. The Red Platoon banner and lineage is now carried into the future as a professional gaming organization; while still holding the same prestige and values it had before.


In Loving Memory Of Our Brothers

Russell J. Proctor, SSG


10/14/1985 - 06/26/2011

Dylan J. Johnson, SPC


11/07/1990 - 06/26/2011

Nathan M. Higginbotham, SGT


07/27/1990 - 01/31/2016